Private Lessons

Preparing for drama school auditions can be a big undertaking, with some courses asking for 2 monologues and 2 songs (and of course its always wise to bring a black up!) alongside up to 3 dance auditions in varying styles, and occasionally a pre-prepared dance solo!

This is where private lessons become invaluable. Guidance from trusted and experienced coaches can be invaluable, especially in the couple of years leading up to those all important auditions. Choosing pieces that suit you and show off your skills, whilst also not being too overdone can be a minefield

We are here to help, offering both lessons in person and via Zoom at £15 for 30 minutes or £25 for 1 hour. 

Drop us an email at or WhatsApp 07802746467 to discuss your needs further, and head to OUR TEAM to read about our teaching background